Celery Top Pine decking
Celery Top Pine Prefabricated Micro Dwellings & Pickers Huts

Prefabricated Micro Dwelling

Celery Top Pine Micro Dwelling.

Welcome to the home of Celery Top Pine Micro Dwellings, Celery Top Pine cabins, Celery Top Pine Decking and Weatherboards, Celery Top Pine Cabins, Furniture, Firewood, Charcoal and Sawdust.

Our salvaged Celery Top Pine is not the only timber we manufacture our products with.

Our prefabricated micro dwellings, sheds and animal shelters can be erected by us on your block of land in very little time and at a very realistic price.

Custom made furniture is also made from Blackwood, Myrtle and Blackheart Sassafras which is salvaged from the nearby State Forest of Southern Tasmania.

We have had over thirty years experience with Celery Top Pine and other timbers in our family run business, which is operated from our home forest farm located at Garden Island Creek in the Huon Valley, South of Hobart.

Our "Wood Without Waste" policy means that we can produce a prefabricated micro dwelling suitable for the purpose for which it is being used. This enables us to have a low carbon footprint, high carbon storage and preservation of bio-diversity on our Forest Farm.

We are part of the new wave of vertically integrated primary and secondary producers, and our own chain of custody system and forest practices plan is second to none.




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